Bespoke designs to suit your needs.

Tailored bespoke designs are availble to allow you to explore your dreams and make them a reality.


We can even commision a decorative design led drawing of your proposed extension to allow you to really visualise the completed project.

Our experienced CAD technicians will draw your project to scale clearly and accurately so that we can be sure that every aspect of the project is understood by all parties from local authorities, to bricklayers and yourselves.


If planning permission is required we will do all the paperwork on your behalf and keep you well informed as it progresses.


We will handle any legal paperwork that is needed, for example building regulations, SAP calculations and structural engineer’s calculations.

Although building can be a messy job, our men will leave the site in a tidy fashion each day and ensure your home remains secure at all times.


Our construction workers and specialist tradesmen will work on site to lay foundations, provide masonry, and install electrics and plumbing.


The timber components are pre-assembled, double-checked, painted and glazed at the workshops, before being packed and taken to site to be installed by our experienced fitters.


In many cases, the finishing touches are applied by our decorator but some customers opt for a full ‘turnkey’ approach which means that we will continue to project manage the interior decoration.

Our designs vary from a simple orangery extension to a chic garden room, office or pool house.


The oppourtunities are endless and purely down to the individual and their requirements.

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