Range of Summerhouses and Bespoke Garden Rooms

Yarnton Leisure Buildings offer a large range of garden rooms from traditional and superior summerhouses to contemporary bespoke buildings, one fantastic feature we ofer is the possibility of building even in the smalest of spaces, so they're perfect for city dwellers who want to make the most of thier outdor space whilst not taking up or overpowering the whole garden.

Our sumerhouses create a stylish yet practical addition to your garden, perfect for relaxation such as socialising or a tranquil haven to escape to or a peacful and proffesional office or work space.


We can offer a variety of services to complete your new purchase from insullation and internal electrics and flooring to an outdoor deck space or patio, with a skiled team of professionals we can accomoodate any practical requests to complete your garden.

Offering short lead times and knowledgable advice we can guarentee our service is 100% 

Have something in mind? Then please contact us with your specific requirements. We can discuss the project you have in mind be it resedential, commercial, traditional, modern or contemporary.


New to Yarnton Leisure Buildings - Sensory pods / therapy rooms, relaxing, secure and safe.

Take a look at bespoke garden rooms for further details.



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