Bowness available in four glazing options; plain, leaded, modern and georgian…




Imperial Metric Eaves Height
8′ x 6′     2440 x 1830mm 1875mm
8′ x 8′     2440 x 2440mm 1875mm
8′ x 10′   2440 x 3050mm 1875mm
10′ x 6′   3050 x 1830mm 1875mm
10′ x 8′   3050 x 2440mm 1875mm
10′ x 10′ 3050 x 3050mm 1875mm

Ridge height (8′) 2440mm
Ridge height (10′)  2356mm


A truly unique chalet which will enhance your garden and enable you to admire the garden from all angles.


Standard Features:

50 x 50mm tanalised floor joists, fully rebated doors and frame, half-glazed double doors, mortice lock and handle, 2 opening windows, diagonal bracing, toughened glass and polyester roofing felt. Modern style; 2 fixed windows and rear vent.


Glazing Options

Timber Options

Paint Options

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