Bespoke Garden Rooms made to order by Yarnton

Design and installation of stylish, contemporary and traditional garden rooms.



Yarnton provide stunning, contemporary garden rooms offering premium quality, bespoke buildings without the hefty price tag.


All our buildings are made to order, so we maintain maximum flexibility in terms of creating a design that suits your needs and budget. 


For any 'habitable' room in your garden, be it a place to relax or the kids' hangout, to stay dry and last more than one winter or summer for that matter, it has to be thoughtfully designed and expertly constructed. 

Our bespoke garden rooms offer exceptional quality, weatherproofing and thermal efficiency, so you can enjoy year-round use without compromising on comfort.


It's not easy to work or run a business from home, especially if you lack a discreet workspace where you can get away from the noise and distractions of family life. A garden office allows you to work in a calm and comfortable environment with all the office and communications equipment you need to function efficiently.

Bespoke flexible designs, a wide choice of features and finishes, exceptional quality and thermal efficiency, extensive product guarantee and stunning aesthetics.


We can help you create a garden gym with tranquil views, a personal shower room, all your favourite equipment and TV/satellite connections to keep you entertained while you exercise.

Whether you're a professional artist or an enthusiastic amateur, a peaceful garden studio is a wonderfully inspiring space in which to work.


Your studio can be designed and positioned to maximise on natural light and fitted with ample storage for all your equipment needs.


Whether for bicycles, lawnmowers or gardening tools, garden storage is invaluable but many sheds become weather beaten, damp and insecure. Thus, storage rooms with their own 'secret' access door, have become a common feature in many of our builds.


Removing the old shed to create more space and integrating a 'posh shed' into the design of your new studio, is a 'no-brainer' for many of our clients.



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