Real Roof

Stylish, super insulated rooms you can use all year round, creating a lasting impression of an investment well made



Real Roof is an innovative roofing system that extends your living space in perfect harmony to give you the most loved room in the house. It creates a stunning, spacious vaulted ceiling on the inside, whilst matching the existing roof finish on the outside. It out performs a traditional build roof and is much faster to install.


Combining the very best of british design and engineering Real roof is an exceptional roofing system that redefines the way roofs are built. Externall you'l soon recognise that you are seeing superior design, superbly created.

Whether your home is modern or traditional the addition of a real Roof will complement it perfectly. On the inside, Real Roof delivers a magnificent vaulted, plastered ceiling to enhance the feeling of light and space. This provides you with felxibility, raising the possibility of complete harmonisation with your connecting room and decor.



Thermally the Real Roof is second to none, it's unique design and off site manufactuire ensuires a superior insulating performance to that of a built roof, ensuring you stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

The overall system may allow for whole elevations of windows or bi-fold doors to be installed with no additional support from portals and lintels.
By using roof windows you can bring daylight deep in to your living space, which makes the whole room feel brighter, larger and more welcoming.
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