Swallow GB Ltd are proud to be one of the leading independent garden building companies in the UK.

We supply a range of products and services, but mainly specialise in the manufacture and installation of quality timber greenhouses.

Swallow GB Ltd was established in 2009 and we offer all aspects of the build within the overall price. There are no hidden costs.


The staging, all vents, auto vent openers, damp barrier, toughened glass and installation are included in our price.

We do offer some extras to cater for the customers' needs.

With a continuously growing product range, we are now willing to undertake special bespoke projects. At this present time we have produced our first potting shed available in two sizes.

All Swallow Greenhouses are manufactured from quality thermally modified redwood pine. This process involves kiln drying the timber which is then put in a special oven where a powerful compressor removes the air. The temperature is raised to 215 degrees whcih bakes the timber. The results seals the capillaries, destroys resins and proteins and stabalises the timber. 

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